Meet Your Mentors

Kasem Rasheed

Kasem The Founder of NBT, has been in business since the age of 13 selling Chocolate bars in middle school, to being 16 taking his grandfather's lawn mower, mowing his neighbors lawns and eventually selling that account to another gardener, to being 18 opening a hookah catering business in his local town, to being 19 wholesaling to smoke shops, and now being in the position of multiple fast food franchises such as Wienerschnitzel. Starting his own brand called “Babas Hot Chicken” with his brother, Ommar Choudhry '' which now generates over $2M a year, and various other businesses with him and his family. The art of networking, facing risk, and simply put -  Bull dozing through life’s problems Kasem knows all too well. Brutally honest, straight forward, and to the point. As one of Kasem’s favorite sayings “Business doesn’t care about your feelings, F*ck it keep pushing”

Ommar Choudhry

NBT mentor Ommar Choudhry, who is also Kasem’s brother, got his start in business at the age of 24. His first business was a hookah lounge in Ontario Ca. which quickly became one of the most sought after lounges in Southern California. He continued working as a business banker at a large bank from 9-5 and running the lounge from 7pm to 2am. Eventually selling the business and joining the family tradition in developing, owning and operating his own quick service restaurants. Ommar has 10+yrs of experience in commercial development from building shopping centers to drive through restaurants. He now owns and operates Novara Motorsports as a hobby turned business as well as his restaurants.

Mike Hemood

NBT mentor Mike, an industrious entrepreneur, has been cultivating his business acumen since adolescence. From the age of 13, he engaged in ventures such as refurbishing and reselling electronics, notably iPods, PSPs, and Zunes, driven by his aspiration to alleviate his family from financial constraints. Having graduated high school at 17 with over $20,000 in assets, he swiftly forged his path. In 2011, an encounter at Ommar's Hookah bar introduced Mike to Ommar and Kasem, sparking a friendship that led them to jointly explore the realm of Glass Blowing entrepreneurship. After six months, they mutually agreed to dissolve the venture, with each embarking on distinct trajectories. Nonetheless, Mike maintained a steadfast bond with Ommar and Kasem over the subsequent decade. In 2018, Mike's culinary journey took a new direction with the discovery of hot chicken. Concurrently a college student, he meticulously balanced his academic pursuits while nurturing his culinary concept. Encouraged by his then-girlfriend, now his wife, they inaugurated a collaborative pop-up event. The initial day yielded modest sales of approximately $70, but within a week, overwhelming demand necessitated a temporary closure. Undeterred, Mike leveraged his credit cards to procure essential equipment, a turning point that drew crowds from diverse counties. Furthering his culinary ambitions, Mike united forces with Ommar and Kasem, propelling his inaugural brick-and-mortar triumph to create Baba's Chicken, a company now doing well over $2,000,000 in yearly sales.

Kevin Pak

NBT mentor Kevin Pak, Kevin began dabbling in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in 2018 after searching for alternative ways of making money online.  At the time, he was a personal trainer who no longer wanted to trade his time for money. But Pak didn't know much about e-commerce or whether it was possible to make money on Amazon. So he began his journey by watching numerous YouTube videos and eventually signing up for a paid course. Yet, even with all his due diligence, he still launched himself into a few big mistakes that cost him upwards of $15,000.  One of the biggest lessons he took from his early attempts is that no matter how great your product is, if it's not landing on Amazon's first page, it's going to be very hard for a customer to find it. He concluded early on that it was important to rank high for multiple keywords related to his products to increase visibility. Now Kevin is doing over $7,000,000 a year in Amazon sales, and after being bombarded with questions related I to amazon and starting up an amazon store, Kevin partnered with another amazon seller whose name is Kevin as well, and they together opened “FBA Boss Academy” Kevin and Kevin have the Number #1 selling course for helping people start amazon FBA, helping over 2,000 students, With some FBA boss academy students reaching $100,000 in monthly Amazon sales. Kevin’s course also helps future FBA sellers find their first product.

Zaid Elian

NBT mentor Zaid Net worth $120M, Chief Executive Officer for Elian Electronics, Zaid is uniquely dedicated to the overall strategy and performance of the company. As well as executing Elian Electronics growth management plan, Zaid’s duties also include business development and management. He works towards growing the business into new markets and partnering with many fortune companies in collaboration with implementing electronics recycling and IT Asset Disposition programs tailored to fit the needs, requirements, and goals of each company. Zaid is a detailed oriented strategist with the ability to identify value at every turn of the business, with more than 10 years of proven success in the Electronics fields, shredding, recycling, and managing an electronics wholesale industry. He is also a seasoned executive with experience of CEO, and COO roles. Known for strong sales, marketing, positioning, and product acumen. Zaid has demonstrated success in business transformation, change management, and leadership development. Areas of expertise: Organizational Development, Executive leadership, Strategic planning, Strategy development & Execution, Positioning, Revenue & Profit Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Turnaround & Transformation, Business Process Improvement, Electronics, Electronics Recycling & Secure Data Shredding Services, Entrepreneurship, Sales Management, Account Management, Sales, International Business, Export, and Wholesale. 

Omar Moreno

NBT mentor Omar “Jack of all Trades” Moreno is the definition of a hustler and does whatever it takes. He Fixes and flip’s residential homes, Develops residential properties, Breeds French bulldogs, Legal Cannabis dispensaries, and owns a construction company. In 2023 alone from January till August Omar has managed to purchase, fix, and flip residential properties every 45 days, one after the other. His French bulldogs breeding business “100 Pack Kennels” has grown at such a rapid rate and he attributes the success to his ability to network. Selling his puppies from $15,000-$70,000 a pup! His knowledge in his industries is beyond comprehension and an expert in his field(s) truly.

Jaff Ali

NBT mentor Jaffer Ali, the visionary founder of PrettyBoy&Co (PBC), a High School brand turned global sensation. Their triumphs include various Pop-Up shops, making their mark on Los Angeles' iconic FairFax street, and garnering celebrity endorsements from NBA All-Stars such as Trae Young, the sons of LeBron James, as well as Hollywood's elite. Jaf is the ultimate multi-talent in E-commerce, Branding, and Marketing. Looking to challenge himself, Jaf and his business partner Sofia launched "ALYGN With You" a pivot into Women's Athleisure Wear. Now, Jaf and his team empower others by enhancing/scaling their operations, orchestrating events, and crafting marketing strategies. More than a "social media guru," Jaf is a driven mentor who's invested in others reaching their true potential. Jaf's diverse portfolio encompasses collaborations with beloved influencers, prominent YouTubers, companies, top-tier restaurants, movies, and an agency for Real Estate Brokerages. His expertise has ignited change across numerous industries, and his influence shows no sign of slowing down.

Sami Matar

NBT mentor Sami Matar began his music production career in 2002. Subsequently spending 20+ years in the music industry developing artists, recording studios and producing music for the hiphop, rock, film and video game industries. He has since produced works for FIFA, Electronic Arts, NBC and Disney to name a few. His music has garnered over 10 million plays on Spotify alone. During this time, he and his brother launched and developed several successful e-com businesses, one of which caters to the medical and industrial sectors. An 8-figure annual revenue business that they continue to grow today, in parallel with launching a new residential real-estate venture.

George Herpick

NBT mentor George, started his journey in sales at LA Fitness, eventually rising to be one of the top General Managers in the nation, but he quickly realized that he needed to find something that gave him the freedom he deserved. After finding massive success in AirBnB rentals he stumbled upon the idea of renting out luxury cars. “I saw an opportunity in the market for people who wanted to experience driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to own one,” he says. With that vision in mind, he began building his business from scratch. And his collection of supercars grew alongside it. “Having a fleet of cars is important for an exotic car rental business,” he explains. “It adds variety and gives customers more options to choose from.” But owning nearly a dozen supercars isn’t just about business for Manifest George. It’s also a passion of his. “I’ve loved cars since I was a kid,” he says. “I used to draw them when I was in school. And now I get to own some of the most incredible cars in the world.” And he’s not just talking about his Ferraris and Lamborghinis. He’s also the proud owner of a Rolls-Royce, a Lamborghini, and a Porsche 911, to name a few. These are cars that most people can only dream of owning. But for George, they’re a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Omar Almuzian

NBT mentor Omar, At the young age of 14 Omar Almuzian moved to the U.S from Dubai. Starting multiple businesses along the way. At 19 he started a Vape delivery business. At 20 he started an exotic car rally called “divine rally”. At 21 Omar and his family opened the largest Mediterranean restaurant in the us, standing at nearly 10,000sq ft with a banquet hall, vip ball room, and out door lounge… with zero restaurant experience! Today the restaurant does well over $200,000 in monthly sales. Now Omar has tackled a new venture- Airbnb. Omar in the last year is managed to not only get into Airbnb arbitrage space, but by doing so legally unlike many other Airbnb operators who advocate to get a unit wherever you can. Omar has grown to nearly 8 units averaging him $2-3,000 in monthly profit per unit. “The goal is to reach 10 units by the end of the 2023, and start developing Airbnb properties in the desert by quarter 3 of 2024”